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Our talent door is always open for recruiting junior athletes ages 12-19. Apply any time throughout the year.

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Edmonton Triathlon Academy Athlete Agreement

In consideration of your acceptance to the ETA program you agree:

1. The Athlete agrees and acknowledges that participation in, or observation of sport, could constitute a risk of serious injury to him or herself. The Athlete voluntarily and knowingly recognizes, accepts and assumes this risk and warrants to ETA and ETA’s partners that the Athlete is physically fit and able to compete in ETA events without risking serious injury. Furthermore, the Athlete releases ETA, ETA’s partners, their Sponsors, Event Sponsors, Event Organisers and Officials from any liability there from.

2. To take full responsibility of knowingly or unknowingly not to take any banned substance on the WADA list. www.wada-ama.org in your body. Athletes can check for prohibited substances and medications allowed at www.globaldro.com

3. To conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times and use appropriate language in all settings when representing or attending the ETA.

4. To not make, comment, issue, offer or endorse any public criticism or statement, whether written, televised or broadcast,having or designed to have a prejudicial effect on the interests, welfare or image of Triathlon, Duathlon and other Multisports or the Edmonton WTS or the ETA’s partners.

5. Athletes are reminded they have signed as an athlete under the ETA as their “coach on record” as per Triathlon Canada guidelines. Any coach trying to recruit an ETA athlete to leave the program should be referred to the ETA head coach and be discussed professionally with the best interest of the athletes considered. ETA does not recruit athletes without consent from their current or previous coaches.

6. To recognize the financial commitment to developing your talent over time and commit to a 12 month program. A six month program may be offered at the discretion of the ETA board and head coach

7. To maintain the swim and run standards you entered the program with and to agree upon planned performance progression with the head coach.

8. To understand that to remain in the ETA you need to clearly demonstrate continued improvement in swim and run times on a yearly basis.

9. Talent Development / Elite Development athletes need to demonstrate commitment to improving performances through race results, test sets and ability to contribute a “best effort attitude” to the training environment, as well as to being a positive member of the squad.

10. To advise ETA head coach of any current medical conditions or any medical history or treatments currently receiving with this application form that can help coach you more effectively. All information shared will remain confidential between coach and athlete.

11. Consent to receive medical treatment which is deemed to be advisable by qualified onsite medical professionals in the event of injury, accident or illness while participating in ETA squad training or racing events.

12. Junior / Elite Development athletes need to complete an athlete/coaching interview at the start of ETA program. Regular future interviews and reviews will be held in the winter off season and pre-season, to review current performances and plan future performance progressions. Parents of athletes > 18 yrs are welcome to attend.

13. To commit to the program with highest reasonable attendance rates.

14. To compete in ETA race uniforms in all multisport races unless competing in major games where uniforms must comply with team rules.

15. Elite Athletes with World cup standards that have existing sponsors need to race in an ETA tri suit with discussion on sponsor logo placements with ETA head coach.

16. Athletes cannot use the ETA name to seek individual sponsorship or for any social media outlet interviews or promotion without approval from the ETA head coach and ETA society board before proceeding.

By checking this box you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Edmonton Triathlon Academy Athlete Agreement. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian has read and agreed to the Edmonton Triathlon Academy Athlete Agreement on your behalf.

You understand that failure to abide by the above conditions may result in disciplinary actions or removal from the Edmonton Triathlon Academy squad.

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